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The First Issue of the FiDi Guy Newsletter

I just want to start my first ever newsletter by saying thanks to everyone for subscribing.  I hope that you enjoy the content I'm putting out across my socials and what's to come in these newsletters.  As I get this thing off the ground, I'm experimenting, I'm learning, and hopefully improving.  To that end, please feel free to reach out with thoughts (good or bad!) on what you like, don't like, or want to see more of.  Business and music are two of my greatest passions and I hope to do justice to both with my work.

What's New 

Recap Rap Ep. 1

Last Friday I posted what will be a recurring feature, The Recap Rap, where I'll convert the most recent trending headlines into a short rap.  Why?  Because catchy titles are good, but bars are better.  You can check it out here or on any of my socials.

Podcast with Pomp

If you've never heard of Anthony Pompliano, better known as Pomp, you should.  He's a notable figure across the investment world and is one of the largest voices in Bitcoin.  He hosts a popular podcast show (Mark Cuban has been a guest) and he recently invited me onto his podcast to discuss how I got into rap, how it merged with finance, and where the future of financial literacy is headed. There might even be a verse I wrote for him at the end of the show…😉

Substantial Financial: Finance Fact of the Week

  • I'm about a week late on this, but it's so nuts I still think it's worth noting.

  • In the first week of September, Apple stock was down approximately 9.9%, akin to a $227 billion loss in market capitalization (Apple's market cap prior to the decline was close to $2.3 trillion…crazy right?).  This drop is larger than the market cap of 477 of the 500 companies in the S&P 500.  Big tech, is BIG…

Damn, That's Crazy

Oracle Buys Tik Tok, Except, Not Really

  • I'm sure everyone read the headline today that Oracle bought Tik Tok, but the problem is, it didn't…

  • Oracle said in a statement that it is "part of the proposal submitted by ByteDance to the Treasury Department over the weekend in which Oracle will serve as the trusted technology provider.", an ambiguous relationship that doesn't involve an outright sale of the platform.  Keep your eyes open, as there's sure to be more details as the deal progresses.

What's it Mean?

Dollar-Cost Averaging… is it Average…or Great?

Given markets have been all over the place since COVID-19, Dollar Cost Averaging is a good concept to understand and employ.   In short, you have 2 options for how to buy investments - all at once, or in increments.  Often times, people try to "time the market", meaning they attempt to identify when the market bottoms out so that they can put all their money in at the best price.  The reality?  Even the best investors in the world rarely can do this, so it's highly unlikely you can; there's just too many variables.  That's where dollar cost averaging comes in.  Dollar-cost averaging is an investment strategy in which an investor divides up the total amount to be invested across periodic purchases of an investment in an effort to reduce the risks involved in market timing (trying to buy in at the bottom and being wrong). The purchases occur regardless of the asset's price and at regular intervals.  The strategy gets its name because the "cost" of the investment becomes the weighted average of the shares you buy and at what prices.  For example, if you buy 10 shares at $100, and then the market falls and you buy 10 more at $80, your average cost per share = (100 + 80) / 2 = $90.  Sticking to this strategy means you'll buy investments when the prices are high, low, and in-between,  but when you take the average cost per share, you should be in a good spot.

Song I've Been Bumping

I've been on a Chris Brown kick recently.  Don't ask me why, maybe the end of summer's got me feeling some type of way.  But Go Crazy feat. Young Thug has been steady on repeat for me.

Line I Can't Get Out of My Mind

  • Royce da 5'9's opening bar on Big Sean's Friday Night Cypher at the 6-minute mark.  Excuse the profanity, just quoting what I think is a really clever play on words:

Name a n***a out of the D [Detroit] as solid as me

I unlocked a lot of dollars, n***a, knowledge is key

  • Side note: Royce da 5'9 and Eminem go last….and they are clearly in a league of their own versus the other featured artists.

Other Hip-Hop Thoughts

  • Hip-hop fans will be familiar with the XXL Freshman Cypher, which provides a platform for rising talent to flaunt their stuff.  This installment featured Jack Harlow, Lil Keed, and Polo G.  To be honest, I thought Lil Keed was really weak, and Polo G went acapella, but the point of the Cypher is for one beat to be used by several artists, highlighting their unique flows.  But Jack Harlow crushed it IMO (P.S. I remixed his hit song What's Poppin in my first song Stocks Droppin), breaking out into a rare melodic flow which isn't his typical style.

  • I think Lil Baby is my favorite new era rapper.

In Your Free Time

My Beats Playlist on Spotify.  Regularly updated instrumentals to chill, vibe, or rap to.

The CEO of Goldman Sachs....who is also a well-known House Music DJ...Yes, I'm serious.

Lil Dicky Freestyle on Sway in the Morning.Don't sleep on him.  The man is a creative genius.

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